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How to make a (really, really long) Pinewood Derby Track.

Watch SuperTrack set the World Record for the longest (529 feet!) Pinewood Derby Track.

Watch Pinewood Derby Racing on SuperTrack at the 2013 Grand Prix of Baltimore.

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SuperTimer II Technical Support

SuperTimer II User's Manual.

Getting Started (or what to do when you plug it all in and it doesn't do what you think it should.)

Re-calibrating your SuperTimer Pinewood Derby Scale

Why we don't use optical sensors.

How to use SuperTimer II with the Space Derby.

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Play Lanes only,
Play Lanes and Winner Time,
Play Lanes and all Times,
Play Lanes and Differences.

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Upgrading and Replacement Parts

Installing the Solenoid Start on a Metal Gate track.

Installing an early version of SuperTimer II on a side-guided S&W demo track.

Installing SuperTimer II on a Beta Craft Aluminum Track.

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