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RaceManager Entries Screen

Pinewood Timer Entries Screen Capture

Note: For ease of operation, you can move between fields using either the Tab key or the Enter key.

  • Car #

    Car numbers must be unique and must be positive integers. As an aid, these numbers are generated automatically as the next available positive integer that is greater than the previously viewed car number. Thus, you can enter any valid number or simply let RaceManager do it for you. If the number you enter already exists, the existing record will be displayed with no change to the record you were viewing.

  • First Name, Last Name

    Enter the racer's first name and last name. Note: If you intend to publish the results you may wish to consider using only a single initial for the last name. A period '.' placed in front of a racer's first name will allow that racer to run but not appear in or affect the scoring overall or of their team. This feature is provided as an alternative for a car that fails inspection thru no fault of the racer.

  • Pack, Den, Rank

    Entries here create Teams. These names can be changed to match your organization in the Setup screen.

    The team names are repeated from the previous record when a new record is created. In addition, they can be selected from a dropdown list that's updated whenever a new team is entered.

  • Miscellaneous

    Sometimes used for sponsorships or interesting data about the racer for the announcer.

  • Running

    Click to change the status of a car from Running (Yes) to not-Running (No). Cars that are not-Running will not be scheduled. If this is changed during racing, nothing will happen until the next Create Race Order occurs in the Race Screen.

    Double click on the word "running" (either place it occurs) for a menu to set all cars running or all cars not running. Running status is repeated from the previous record whenever a new record is created.

  • Entry Display Order

    Shows the entries in one of three orders:

    Car Number, from lowest car number to highest car number.
    Name, alphabetically using LastName then FirstName.
    Time, from fastest time to slowest time. Note that cars that have not run have a time of zero and will appear first.

  • Entries, Running

    As a helpful double check, these displays show the current number of cars entered and running. If the current record has been changed, these numbers may be off by 1.

  • Add

    Use this button to Add an additional racer. You can also use the down-arrow key from any of the group fields or the miscellaneous field.

  • First, Previous, Next, Last, Delete
Use these buttons to navigate through the list of racers.
View Race Screen.

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