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SuperTrack Cleaning

After a lot of racing, particularly with cars that have an excess of graphite, there comes a time when a little cleaning would be helpful.

Several users have asked us what to use. Here are three suggestions:

1. Windex (or similar) - This is good for a light cleaning or dusting.

2. 409 (or similar) - This will remove almost everything without harming the track. But, it probably won't get the graphite out of the microscopic scratches that have been caused by the weights or exposed nail heads under the cars.

3. Soft Scrub (or similar) - This will get it all and still not harm the track. The color of the track is not on the surface but goes clear through, so a light abrasive, grease cutter, bleach will restore the finish to a like new condition.

Things NOT to use.

Anything with acetone, methyl-ethyl-ketone or with a caution about using on plastic. As always, if in doubt, try it where it won't be seen. Or better yet, use the cleaners shown above.

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